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Creatures of the urban forest

After months of preparation, departure is approaching for an expedition that will take you to that exhilarating land where peoples of the night hold sway. No detail has been overlooked. You've recharged your batteries. You've donned your white apparel, symbol of peace and openness. Your papers for crossing the border to that exotic and exciting world are all in order. The time to move is now.

On your final approach, a growing feverishness takes hold of you. Relax: this is just a faint foretaste of what awaits you. With no hesitation, you pass over to the other side –and it hits you with full force: an explosion of rhythms, lights and sounds. Your senses start to throb to a rarely experienced frequency. Celestial bodies spin around you. Suddenly, strange characters rise up and lead you even closer to the heart of the festivities. The sensation is perfect. Take advantage of it. Simply let the forest creatures guide you towards the most beautiful of destinations…